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Here are some other services that we offer

Excel, Word and Outlook Automation

Link the database to these programs to automatically display or send information out different ways.

Use Excel to evaluate and display exported data without having to modify the queries inside the database. Use Word to create letters using the names and addresses, or any other information, from the database. Use Outlook to email specially made reports to clients.


Virtualistaion allows you the ability to run more than one operating system on the same hardware at once. Each Virtual Machine run completely independently of every other Virtual Machine theat's running. This means that any changes made in one will not effect the others.

Virtual Machines are used many ways. Developers use them for testing software where they install the new program they've developed in the Virtual Machine to see if the program works correctly on a different setup to the machine the program was developed on.

IT departments are now using Virtual Machines for their servers. This way they only have one piece of hardware which hosts the Virtual Machines each represents a different server like a mail server or print server. This saves them the cost of purchasing hardware for each server and also a savings in power.

Other uses for Virtualisation is if you want to experiment with different operating systems or programs. Virtual Machines allow you to run an operating system inside and operating system. Here you can run any program or operating system you like without effecting your main computer.

If you want some advice in how to set up virtualisation then contact us.

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